Rakovina Therapeutics

Research Programs

Product Development Pipeline

Rakovina Therapeutics oncology pipeline has the potential to deliver biomarker-driven treatments for patients across multiple tumor types.

kt-2000 Next Generation PARP-inhibitors

PARP inhibitors are rapidly becoming standard-of-care treatment of many cancers including breast, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Our kt-2000 series is a patented class of highly potent, oral inhibitors of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP).

Our lead candidates demonstrate potency comparable to FDA-approved PARP-inhibitors with potential differentiating factors and competitive advantages designed to improve treatment outcomes and patient quality of life.

kt-3000 Dual Action DDR-inhibitors

Cancer cells can develop resistant to treatment by up-regulating secondary DDR pathways.

kt-3000 drug candidates selectively inhibit secondary DDR pathways associated with treatment resistance and PARP

Preclinical data demonstrates on-target potency similar to FDA approved single-action agents

kt-4000 DNA Damaging DDR-inhibitors

kt-4000 drug candidates release a potent DNA-damaging agent, while also inhibiting DDR to selectively kill cancer cells